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Sadepan Chimica is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Slow Release Nitrogen, derived from MU & UF fertilizer for agriculture, golf courses, greenhouses nurseries, landscapes, lawn care and specialty ag growers.

Sadepan Chimica Agriculture Division was founded in 2001 after the introduction of a brand new patented technology for the production of innovative slow release MU & UF fertilizer with a total capacity of more than 40.000 Tonne, around the 50% of total world market.

Sazolene® products are manufactured by Sadepan Chimica, a company of the Mauro Saviola Group. The Mauro Saviola Group is a 100% private holding and started as a family owned and operated business, and that it remains this way to this day.The Mauro Saviola Group is dedicated to sound environmental practices, and began business in (year) recycling wood products.

Sadepan Chimica is the largest European producer of MU & UF fertilizers with manufacturing plants in Viadana, Italy and Genk, Belgium and is one of the leading European companies in the manufacture of glue, resins and particle boards with a consolidated turnover of more than 800 Million of Euro and more than 1.700 employees.

In a few years since introduction the Sadepan Chimica Agriculture division has become one of the major European companies in the speciality slow release fertilizer sector.

The Companies of Mauro Saviola Group maintain continuous research activities aimed at improving production processes, safeguarding the environment, identifying new quality standards and developing innovative products. Sadepan Chimica's commitment to quality and sustainable development is demonstrated by the adoption of a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and of an Environment and Safety Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI 10617 standards.

Furthermore, the factory in Viadana has been registered under the Regulation EC 761/2001 EMAS (Eco-Management an Audit Scheme).


> 16 Companies belong to the Group
> 1500 employees
> 800 milions of euro of turn over
> 1,500,000 MT of recycling wood per year (it means 10,000 trees saved per year)
> First italian producer of panel and in Europe the third
> Mauro Saviola Group is active in 50 countries
> Over 1,000 full trains of recycling wood picked up in Europe per Year
> 160 trucks belong to the Group to pick up the recycling wood and to deliver the panels
> 16 different certifications of quality system, among these the ISO 9002, EMAS, E1 Catas Quality Award, Certiquality 100% about recycling wood
> 1,500,000 cubic meter of panel sold per year all over the world to produce fornitures, waterproof ecological panel, fireproof ecological panel, flooring…
> 5 Research Institutes to study and design the range of creative decorative elements

Agriculture Business Unit:

> The main european producer of Methylene Urea
> Two production plants of Methylene Urea (Viadana - Italy for solid and liquid / Genk - Belgium for liquid)
> Production process is a new patented technology, unique to achieve MU in granular forms (round granules), yelding the lowest content of unreacted urea and salinity index
> Worldwide biggest plant with potential capacity to produce Methylene Urea in granular form (35,000-40,000 MT/year ) and liquid form ( 90.000 MT) .
> Among the main european urea importers ( over 300,000 MT/year )