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How Sazolene® Works

How Sazolene® work

Unlike other Controlled Release Nitrogen sources, the bioavailability of Sadepan's MU & UF mainly depends on the soil micro-organism activity and mineralization action. MU & UF are a source of organic carbon (life energy) and nitrogen (nutrient) for the soil micro-organisms. Compared to other controlled release nitrogen sources, Sazolene® does not inhibit the microbial activity in the soil but rather improves the natural fertility of the soil increasing and sustaining population of beneficial organisms because it is a source of organic carbon and nitrogen. This helps the soil make plants more resistant to disease and stress, which differs in this respect from coated products. In comparison with coated products, the slow release characteristics of Sazolene® products will not be lost if particles "are damaged" or "are broken" during shipping and handling. A gradual release of nitrogen is still assured, without nitrogen loss or dumping. Using Sadepan's MU & UF you feed and develop the beneficial microbial population responsible for the natural nitrogen mineralization process (breakdown of polymer chains into simple units).The conditions controlling the root growth and activity of the plants, temperature and humidity, are the same as those that regulate the microbial activity. This means that MU & UF nitrogen are made available when the conditions for root activity and growth are optimal. The release of Nitrogen is in sync with crop needs. Furthermore, Sazolene® protects groundwater from nitrates and keeps nitrogen in the soil profile providing uniform and sustained feeding even in hot weather and heavy rains. This is because the Nitrogen release in Sazolene® products is not directly dependent only on temperature or hydrolysis. Sazolene® is also a source of slowly available water soluble Nitrogen, a meaningful distinction from looking only at water insoluble nitrogen.

Working in the ground

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