THE RHYTHM OF NATURE L’idea di Sazolene nasce dalla combinazione fra coscienza ecologica, ricerca e utilizzo di nuove tecnologie. Il risultato raggiunto è un fertilizzante azotato altamente innovativo capace di rilasciare l’azoto in sincronia con l’esigenza delle piante. Niente viene sprecato, niente finisce inutilmente nel terreno e nelle falde acquifere. Ogni granulo di Sazolene viene utilizzato esclusivamente dalle colture, e i risultati sono eccezionali

When ecological consciousnesss, research and the introduction of new technologies work together to create advantages both for the consumer and for the quality of the product, then we really are talking about genuine innovation and progress.

Slow-release nitrogen fertiliser

The main element in plant nutrition is NITROGEN. It is added through traditional fertilisers, but these are however immediately soluble. The use of such fertilisers may have a notable impact on the environment and may produce such harmful effects as pollution to the air and to ground water, as well as being low in efficiency, as only small quantities are actually taken up by the plants, with several applications being required and hence with additional costs.


Sazolene is a special and indeed revolutionary fertiliser that is able to release NITROGEN in a way that is synchronised with plant needs.
Sazolene comes in diverse formulations, with variable release times according to different nutrition needs. There are many advantages to this, including the use of smaller quantities of fertiliser, greater efficiency and lower cost, with more respect for nature and diminished environmental impact.

Sazolene® products

The idea of Sazolene® came out of a combination of environmental consciousness, research and the employment of new technologies. The result achieved is an innovative nitrogren fertiliser that acts in synchronised fashion with the needs of the plants. Nothing is wasted, nothing ends up uselessly going into the land and ground water.


Every Sazolene® granule is used solely for the crops, and with exceptional results.

The advantages

  • Reduces losses of nitrogen available to the plants
  • No nitrate pollution in ground water
  • Increases the natural fertility of the soil
  • Eliminates phytotoxic effects and leaf burns
  • Promotes greater root growth
  • Maximum uniformity index (U.I.)
  • Releases nitrogen from 12 weeks to 10 months
  • Product pours with low packing tendency
  • Reduced numbers of applications

What applications is Sazolene® suitable for?

The products in the Sazolene® range release nitrogen so evenly and safely that they are highly suited for many applications. Sazolene® can be used both for open field crops, in horticulture and in fruit-growing, i.e. for food crops, as well as for lawns, landscaping, flower and ornamental plant nurseries, i.e. non-food crops, and in all cases of new installations. Products based on Sazolene® facilitate the gradual release of nitrogen in harmony with the natural need for nitrogen of the plants.

Sports fields
Golf courses
Private gardens

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