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Which applications?


The release characteristics of Sazolene® products are so steady and safe that they are great for many applications. Sazolene® MU & UF can be used on food crops, horticulture and fruits and for turf, flowers, landscaping and ornamental plants and on all new seedlings. Sazolene® products facilitate a gradual release of nitrogen that is in harmony with the natural nutrient requirements of the plant.


> Reduce loss of available nitrogen for plants
> High Uniformity Index (U.I.) for superior blending
> Eliminate potential of nitrate ground water pollution
> Long lasting Nitrogen from 12 weeks to 10 months
> Increase natural soil fertility
> Long shelf life, free flowing without caking
> Eliminate phytotoxicity and burning potential
> Nitrogen availability process in balance with crop demand
> Rapid root development
> Reduced distribution of fertilizer